The Inblan fryers are known for their design, accuracy and safety.

They are made entirely of stainless steel and different energies and powers.

All our models have CE certificates and corresponding approvals.

Our experience of over 55 years, has led us to make a profitable fryers in energy savings and optimum performance in oil quality.

The technology offers a safe and an unbeatable performance.


Our machines for making churros, straight, loop-shaped, ring-shaped, porras, cohombros, tejeringos etc  are created so that the user makes the product easily, safely and without effort.

Achieving profitability and quality in the product.

Inblan established in 1958 has a long tradition and a great prestige in the national and international market.  We are specialized in the production of machines for making churros and we have presence in more than 50 countries.


The Inblan Cotton Candy Machines are manufactured and designed for professional use.

Thanks to its robustness and design, the cotton candy machine is designed to ensure a high performance.

More than 55 years of experience behind us.




Inblan Pastry Blenders, are designed with a different technology that allows us to develop, hard and soft dough mass, can heat the product if desired.

Made of stainless steel easy to use and clean.

They have been designed to not require any maintenance.

More than 55 years of experience behind us.