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Multipurpose Mixing & Kneading Machine Model AM15

This multipurpose pastry blender Inblan is ideal to making any type of stiff, medium-stiff, soft and liquid pastries given the variety of stirring arms that comes with. It can be adapted to any type of business in the food field thus includes a speed adjustment. . Its design includes a resistor plate to heat the products in the mixing receptacle. Then, temperature is controlled by a thermostat that regulates it and also allows to select the desired temperature on the resistor plate. This operation is executed with a selector to improving the heating process. This pastry blender is ment for food business being useful in countless fields such as hotel business, confectionary and bread-making etc. A water tank is also included. With this tank, those products needing a mixture of both, hot and cold water, can be made. This process is possible thanks to an incorporated resistor into the tank and a regulating thermostat that controls the temperature and heats the water to a desirable temperature. The transmission motor as well as the water tank, which are both placed on the upper area of the machine, rotate 90 ºC towards the right by means of a movable shaft system. Thanks to this system the frontal of the multipurpose pastry blender can be free of obstacles. This way we can use it as a deep-fryer by applying the resistor plate as a heating point so the oil is heated in the container. Then, any type of product may be fried or just use this plate as a stove to prepare any type of meals However, both the temperature of the container and the power of the resistor plate are always controlled by controlling elements.

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