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Hot Chocolate and Thermos Dispenser

Inblan’s Thermos/Chocolate Maker is a product built to make, keep and serve chocolate. Built in stainless steel, it is equipped with a stirrer to stir chocolate constantly to get the best texture and temperature. It features an internal deposit, a tap and removable stirring blades for a daily cleaning.

The chocolate maker heats the product over a water bath to preserve the chocolate purity without overcooking.

Thanks to its capacity to maintain the temperature, it is one of the best thermos in the restaurant business market. It is equipped with an adjustable thermostat to control the serving temperature which guarantees the quality of the heated chocolate.

The chocolate maker double-position tap makes serving easy, fast and hygienic. And the large throughput and its tilted outlet facilitate the exiting of thick chocolate.

The thermos/chocolate maker is equipped with a visual display unit for the water bath level to control the amounts and capacity of the deposit. Its thermal isolation ensures the best temperature of the chocolate with the least energy consumption. Furthermore, this thermos can maintain a constant serving temperature, from the internal deposit to the tap outlet.

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