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Digital Electric Deep Fryer

The Inblan Digital Electric Deep Fryer was made to be attractive and functional while remaining highly efficient in terms of output and production. Due to its simple design and the use of power as its energy source, which also helps us to cut down energy costs, the machine is easy to maintain and clean.

Digital Electric Deep Fryer Specifications

It is equipped with a 7’’ digital touchscreen made to control and interact in a simple way with the interface specifically developed for the InBlan deep fryer. On the screen you can program 3 different working temperatures, with a deviation of 0.5 degrees.

This new technology guarantees a perfect product since the most suitable frying temperature for each food is applied.

The advantages of the digital electric deep fryer are as follows:
–    Up to 3 temperature programming options.
–    Maintenance and temperature recovery thanks to its thermal insulation and digital screen programming.
–    Security versus over-temperature by machine disconnection.
–    Machine protection with warnings for the user, such as the lack of oil in the frying pan.
–    Notices may be setup to change the oil.
–    Visual warnings on any incidences that may occur are displayed on the screen.
Hidden resistors for an optimal frying process in the tank and to gain better access on cleaning the tank. Reassembly and start button. This security system prevents the put into operation of the Fryer without prior reactivation by the user. Electrical system with thermal protection cable. Countertop designed for retrieving oil into the tank in case of overflowing and flat bottom to easy the cleaning process. Thermal insulation lined basin. Valve outlet for oil. Manufactured in stainless steel. Equipped with wheels for easy displacement. Easy installation. Holding the CE  Certificate. Special sizes available on request.

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