Having our products found at the 10 shops selling churros which, according to the highly-prestigious journal THE GOURMET JOURNAL, are  must-see establishments due  to their fine churros, porras and thick cocoa and which are located across different geographic spots of the Iberian Peninsula, is a great source of satisfaction for the company.

Furthermore, the staff of some of these shops selling churros were trained at our facilities and for that reason we are very pleased to rely on a human team made up of great professionals.

INBLAN continues researching to offer the best product for the shop selling churro market, both, in terms of machinery and dough making.

News in The Gourmet Journal



We are launching  the churro maker that features cutting-edge technology to make your work simpler thanks to a built-in microprocessor equipped with touch digital screen from which you can control, by selecting on of the four available languages, the process of churros, porras, doughnuts,etc.

With this system, you can plan your production according to your needs.

A fast and simple procedure for a smoother business production.

Don’t wait any longer and contact us for more information because the automatic churro maker of the future is already here.

Las máquinas de churrería de Inblan son utilizadas por la red de franquicias especializada en churros más grande del mundo: Churromanía, reconocida hoy en día como un concepto único e innovador.

Churromanía ofrece churros con chocolate, helado, dulce de leche, nata,… y muchos más sabores para que el cliente pueda elegir y degustar. Gran parte de sus productos de churrería son elaborados con nuestras máquinas de hostelería industrial.

La red de Churromanía comenzó a expandirse por el mundo pocos meses después de abrir su primera tienda en 1997, y actualmente se encuentra en América Latina, Estados Unidos y varios países de Europa.